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Meanwhuke the Youth Bursary(see below) continues.

Peace Poster Competition

The Lions Peace Poster competition theme for 2019 -2020 is "Journey of Peace" Artists must be 11, 12 or 13 years of age to enter the International Competition.

This is an opportunity for young people in our community to think about the importance of world peace, tolerance and international understanding, and to pass it on. Young people can share their unique visions with the world, through pictures.

This competition is divided into three age groups and also includes an award for computer aided design:

The sizes of the Peace Poster -  the minimum is: 13 inches x 20 inches (33 cm x 50.8 cm). with a maximum size of 20 x 24 inches (50cm x 60cm). A2 paper is ideal.

The Lions Peace Poster competition theme for 2019-2020 is 'Journey of Peace' and Artists must be 11, 12 or 13 years of age on the 15th of November 2020.

Expression of theme, along with artistic merit and originality, are the three criteria that posters are evaluated on at all judging levels.

No collages are allowed, along with no numbering or wording to be on the poster in any language, nothing may be attached to the poster in any way, posters cannot be mounted on another surface or laminated.  

During the last 20 years more that 4 million children from 100 countries have participated in the contest.


The local competition closes on 15 October and the winner will receive a cash prize of £150 with their entry going through to the Lions District final in November. Winners from each District Final go through to the UK Final and all District winners are invited to attend UN day at the Houses of Parliament in March with their parents.      

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Young Ambassador of the 21stCentury


This is a resurrection of the former Youth Award Scheme that the Guernsey Lions used to run many years ago.

Lions are looking for young people serving in their communities, making a difference to others in whatever way they can. These young people should reflect the ethos of Lions Clubs, providing service and leadership for others to get involved in their unique project.

With a closing date of 15thOctober this year’s launch is a little late.


The aim of the scheme, which operates throughout Europe, is to recognise, encourage and support young people who are actively involved in the welfare of the community.


In previous years candidates have been involved in helping young and older people, disabled, able bodied and disadvantaged and have organized projects in crime prevention, conservation, promoting healthier lifestyles and other initiatives.


This is for youngsters who have reached their 15thbirthday but not their 19thon or before the 30thJune 2020.


The winning candidate will receive a bursary to spend on their projects.


The winner will then go through to the local finals and may get to the District final in January. UK finals take place in February and the European final in late summer / autumn 2020.

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Do you need funding to finish that project?


Do you need funding to achieve that final target?


If so, then the Lions Club of Guernsey may be able to help you


One of the objectives of the Lions Club of Guernsey is to encourage and promote personal development and a service ethos in young people by helping them to help others.


To help achieve this objective we have made available a sum of money to help the youth of Guernsey achieve their aims in supporting their chosen charitable projects and would like to invite anybody who requires some funding to contact the Lions Club of Guernsey with their details.


There are a few simple rules that we apply to any request received and these are as follows;


  • The activity must be for a new endeavor beyond the normal experience of the applicant.


  • The activity must have charitable beneficiaries other than the applicants own current group, club or organisation.


  • This is an individual award; sponsorship must be for a named Guernsey Bailiwick resident.


  • Recipient must be between 14 and 25.


  • The amount awarded is an encouragement for the individual to achieve their goals and is not the total financial solution.


  • Single award size maximum £1,000 and a maximum 50% of overall cost of activity.


  • The recipient must co-operate with any PR efforts arranged by the Lions Club of Guernsey to promote the bursary scheme.


  • The award may be given in advance of the activity but must be returned in the event that the activity is not completed for any particular reason, unless the recipient is subject to unavoidable losses.




Then please send your request complete with details of your project to the Lions Club of Guernsey at:

Leo Clubs are a youth organisation of Lions Clubs International. The word "LEO" stands for Leadership, Experience, Opportunity. LEO clubs encourage youths to develop leadership qualities by participating in social service activities. They are supported  by the local Lions club.

The Leo Club of Guernsey are a group of public spirited young people, who are enthusiastic about helping their local community in their own way. The Leos do their own fundraising, and they select their own causes to support.