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Guernsey Together Celebration

Hosted by the Guernsey Lions Club, The Leo Club of Guernsey and the North Show committee.


Unfortunately, the Lions Club was unable to hold the popular Donkey Derby event scheduled for 22nd August this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic and not being able to bring the special racing donkeys over from England.


So, we, in conjunction with the Leo Club of Guernsey and members of the North Show committee came together to organise the “Guernsey Together Celebration”


The Lions Club and Leo Club have worked together in the past and this collaboration with the North Show team provided an excellent opportunity for three charity organisations to work together in putting on this unique event.


The event held in Saumarez Park on Saturday 22nd August celebrated the community of Guernsey’s achievement of getting through the coronavirus pandemic and achieving phase 5 earlier than predicted with Phase 5 allowing people to gather together at sporting and cultural events and to freely meet with others over a drink or a meal.


The island continues to have a bubble with the other bailiwick islands of Alderney, Herm and Sark and so travel to other parts is limited with people coming in from other countries having to self-isolate.


This was a free to enter event for the public and we invited members of the Association of Guernsey Charities to attend so that they can also raise much needed funds for their individual causes. Over 40 charities were in attendance including Channel Islands Air Search, CLIC Sargent, St John Ambulance and Diabetes Guernsey.


In addition to the charities we invited craft stallholders to attend and over 25 turned up selling anything from cakes to jams to framed pictures.


In addition, the Accidental Zoo provided children with the possibility to stroke a snake and get up close to tarantulas!


A variety of food stalls were present to keep everybody fed with a choice of Thai, Chinese, Burgers and a chocolate fountain


A craft tent was used to display the entries for the craft competitions which were judged by some of the organising committee members.


Entries were received from all ages and featured the following categories:


  1. An edible Necklace
  2. A Decorated Biscuit
  3. A decorated pebble
  4. Rainbow pictures of any form
  5. Home crafted pictures of our lockdown heroes
  6. A photograph of “Lockdown Memories”
  7. An item made of recycled materials


Entertainment was provided throughout the day by local artistes performing acoustic sets in three pop up gazebos around the Park whilst Guernsey’s local Bands performed on the JT Together stage with GU10 starting the music at lunchtime and City Limits providing the final two session from 8 o’clock in the evening. Naturally there was a packed-out beer tent.


Prior to City Limits two of Guernsey’s local heroes, Dr Nicola Brink and Deputy Heidi Soulsby were presented with a bunch flowers from the Co-Chairs of the Organising committee, Lion Chris McDonnell and North Show member Josh Gabriel. This was followed by a rousing cheer from the crowd and a celebratory clap for all essential workers.


The evening ended with a stunning firework display sponsored by the Oak Group.


It is estimated that over 7,000 people attended the event during the day and that once all bills are paid we would have raised in excess of £25,000 for the organising charities which is in addition to the thousands of pounds raised by the attending charities mentioned above.